Taxi licence Ireland

To get a Taxi licence in Ireland you will need to:

#1 Get the SPSV licence

1.  Prepare for the SPSV test to operate in the SPSV industry

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2.  Book and pay for your SPSV test – €85.05. The fee is payable directly to Prometric Ireland at the time of booking.

  • Book online here and receive immediate on-screen and e-mail confirmation.
  • Book by telephone on 1890 340 123.
Please note: when you are booking your test, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Credit/debit card (otherwise you can pay by cheque or postal order)
  • PPS number
  • A full driving licence number (Irish or EU, EEA or from other recognised state)
  • SPSV driver licence number (if applicable) – for an existing SPSV drivers.

3.  Pass the SPSV test and receive the test certificate.

4.  Pay the SPSV driver licence fee – €250. When you will receive your test certificate in the post, contact the Commission and pay your driver licence fee of €250 by phoning 1890 347 347. A receipt will be issued to you. Note that you do not pay the Commission the SPSV driver licence fee until you have passed the test and received your test certificate.

5.  Apply for your SPSV driver licence. Obtain a PSV 15/18 application form from your local Garda station. To complete the form you must carry:

  • Your photographs;
  • A current tax clearance certificate;
  • Your driving licence;
  • Your SPSV Skills Development Certificate;
  • The receipt of your licence fee;

6.  PSV licence application Garda processing. Your application will be processed by An Garda Si­ochana (up to 12 weeks to complete). The process includes an assessment of you as a “fit and proper person” to hold an SPSV driver licence. Please await confirmation of this from An Garda Si­ochana. You will receive your ID card and smart card in the post from the Commission.

7.  Becoming operational. On receipt of your SPSV driver ID card and smart card, you are entitled to drive any of the five categories of SPSV (taxi, wheelchair accessible taxi, hackney, wheelchair accessible hackney, limousine). The vehicle you drive must be licensed as an SPSV. If it is a taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi, you may stand or ply for hire only in the county (or counties) for which you are licensed. And you must provide the Authority with details of any vehicle you are driving as an SPSV. (e.g. Co.Dublin).

#2 Get a vehicle licence