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Area knowledge test (Dublin):

Dublin main routes. SPSV test

Main routes into Dublin city         FREE TRIAL

(6 pages)

10 routes to Dublin city centre + street names + test

spsv-test-button11 questions

+ maps

Interesting places in Dublin

Places of interest along routes

(8 pages)

Hotels, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, etc..

spsv-test-button90 questions

+ maps

Road marking - SPSV test questions

Road map markings

(1 page)

colour of roads in a map

spsv-test-button8 questions

 Dublin places of interest on squares

Places of interest on squares

(1 page)

Hotels, college, etc..

spsv-test-button13 questions

 Dublin north and south circular roads

Dublin circular routes             FREE TRIAL

(1 page)

North and South circular roads

spsv-test-button28 questions

+ maps

 Dublin train stations

Train stations

(1 page)

Dublin train stations

spsv-test-button7 questions

residential areas

Adjoining residential areas

(6 pages)

Residential areas

spsv-test-button63 questions


Dublin Hotels

(5 pages)

spsv-test-button192 questions

+ maps


Dublin Hospitals

(2 pages)

spsv-test-button52 questions

+ maps

Other known places in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button32 questions

Churches and Cathedrals in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button15 questions

+ maps

Libraries in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button19 questions

Art Galleries in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button21 questions

Museums in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button28 questions

Schools in Dublin

(2 pages)

spsv-test-button60 questions

Parks, Gardens and Cemeterie

(1 page)

spsv-test-button30 questions


(1 page)

spsv-test-button15 questions

Sports grounds in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button33 questions

Night clubs and pubs in Dublin

(3 pages)

spsv-test-button96 questions

Restaurants in Dublin

(2 pages)

spsv-test-button55 questions

Cinemas in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button12 questions

Casinos in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button23 questions

One way streets

(1 page)

spsv-test-button+127 questions

Dublin DART stations

(1 page)

spsv-test-button+26 questions

Pedestrianised streets in Dublin

(1 page)

spsv-test-button+37 questions


Industry knowledge tests  NEW



Basic SPSV industry knowledge

spsv-test-button98 questions


spsv-test-button52 questions

Hire & Fares

spsv-test-button54 questions

Customer satisfaction

spsv-test-button66 questions


spsv-test-button+17 questions

Health and Safety

spsv-test-button+41 questions

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